Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Final Trip to the Grocery Store

This is the last weekend before my endeavor in carlessness begins.  I've tried to take care of some things that don't necessarily require a car, but are much less headache-inducing with one.  Mainly, I went to the grocery store to stock up on items that suck to carry several blocks: the huge container of orange juice I always get, milk, and cereal.

From my apartment at Colesville Road and Spring Street, the closest grocery store is the Whole Foods located on Wayne Avenue.  I like Whole Foods for picking up fresh produce, just a few items here and there - not a huge trip to the grocery store.  I've never really thought about driving there - it probably takes as long as walking.  So maybe I only get a few things there because I walk, or maybe I walk because I only need a few things.

For huge trips though, I drive down to the Giant past the metro on East West Highway.  It's definitely walkable - but not if I'm picking up a gallon of milk or a gallon of orange juice, or a few boxes of cereal.  So, while I hate driving places I could just as easily walk to, my rule has pretty much been walk to Whole Foods and drive to Giant.

It was my lucky day - I was planning on stocking up on bulkier or heavier items and Giant had big boxes of Cheerios "buy two get one free."  Part of the reason I should never walk to this Giant is because I am a complete sucker for these deals.  I also picked up an extra bottle of shampoo to keep at work.  I thought about getting something a little more masculine than Herbal Essences since my co-workers might see me carrying it around - but whatever.  I like the way it smells, OK?

Ironically, I won't be using my car much for anything else this weekend.  My high school friends Rachel and Michelle are in town, and later we're going to Georgetown Cupcake - the new hotness when it comes to having female out-of-town visitors - and hitting the monuments after that. 


  1. Great post! You really touch on the lifestyle changes that need to be made when you give up your car. In short, I'd bet that you'll be making more frequent trips to the grocery store and buying smaller sized items(unless you explore a grocery delivery service). Unfortunately, this tends to be more expensive than buying in bulk.

  2. Chad! I'm so excited that you've decided to take this plunge. I sold my car two weeks ago and haven't looked back. I would say that we are not quite in the same situation though, as my fiance still has a car, so when she's not at work I have access to a car if I need it. Although, both of us try not to drive if we don't have to, even when the car is available.

    I'm reading your posts in order, and this is only post 3, so I might be making a suggestion you've already taken, but have you considered buying your own shopping cart? They make trips home from the grocery store soooooo much easier.